Clother 1.0

Generates realistic clothing for virtual characters
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Use photo-realistic clothing textures to create beautiful outfits for your virtual character. Mix and match available textures to come up with new designs. The tool works with Poser and Victoria 3.

CLOTHER Hybrid is the easy way to get photorealistic clothes for your digital woman that actually FIT!
CLOTHER Hybrid gives you the ability to use photorealistic clothing textures with your favourite skin texture without the need for advanced graphic programs and, more importantly, without losing your precious time. Only a few mouse clicks separate you from having a beautifully dressed model combining your favourite skin texture with beautiful photorealistic high quality clothes from CLOTHER Hybrid
What is even more important, thanks to CLOTHER Hybrid you can easy MIX and MATCH all available textures or move clothes parts up or down without any problems. Even if you want to have the bra on the top of the blouse, or trousers under the panties, you can do it easily in CLOTHER Hybrid.

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